AtlasTrax SmartOne Programmer.exe
AtlasTrax SmartOne Programmer Version 3.26.2. Provides various firmware for specific purposes as well as a configurator that allows defining values beyond the regular configurator tool.
Note: For firmware reprogramming, you need an AtlasTrax access key.
For information on how to receive an access key, please submit a request to
AtlasTrax SmartOne Programmer.pdf"
SmartOne C Multi Programmer User's Guide.
This is the original SMARTONE configuration tool from Globalstar. After you have downloaded the file, double-click the file to begin the installation.
This driver package contains same drivers and driver information files as the official release for Bluegiga Bluetooth Low Energy products. In addition this files also contain digitally signatures for the drivers.
AtlasAlarm HowTo Guide. AtlasTrax Alarm System usage and wiring instructions.
SmartOne C - Firmware version 2.7 - 9 bytes payload structure and time decoding algorithm. This payload format contains long/lat coordinates, actual speed, heading and exact time the position was fixed over 9 bytes. Other I/O flags and values are discarded.
SmartOne C - Firmware version 2.4.x (Aviation) - 18 bytes Payload structure and time decoding algorithm. This 18 bytes payload contains all original GlobalStar fields plus actual speed, heading, altitude and exact time the position was fixed.